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Monopoly Tycoon 2.0

Monopoly Tycoon is not based on the board games, but on a fresh idea
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Monopoly Tycoon is a tycoon strategy game developed by Deep Red Studios. The game was originally released and published by Hasbro Interactive; however, when the company went under, many of its games were taken by other publishers. In this specific case, Trymedia Systems is the company authorized to release and sell the game in North America. The game doesn't resemble the famous board game Monopoly in any bit. It features a more tycoon side of things. In the game, you have to be an entrepreneur in a big city. You must provide housing, services to people and, of course, earn money. As in the real world, the world of corporate competition is fierce, and you must compete with other tycoons in order to beat them. In fact, you have to create a Monopoly. The game features several scenarios in three difficulty levels, and these are challenging and entertaining. In fact, the whole city-building and business-growing part of the game is extremely fun. You have a sandbox mode in which you can test and build without having the pressure of competition. The game is a fresh new formula for the Monopoly game. It is also suitable for all ages, so this game is really good, albeit a bit outdated.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Some graphical glitches
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